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The Maker Files:

Marketer's Guides to Today's Makers

Did you know that the average woodcrafter spends 7.3 hours in his workshop each week? Or that 24% of automotive DIYers have a bachelor's or advanced degree? Each of our FREE Marketer's Guides to Today's Makers explores 20+ key insights that are crucial to connecting your brand and products with today's makers including: demographics and statistics; motivations and values; what matters to them in a product/brand, their purchasing process, what/how they research, how they use social media, their challenges and pain points... and much more. Download your copy today!

The Maker Files:

Top Ten (10) Content Types Makers Love

Makers are not only prolific in creating new content, but they are avid consumers and sharers of great online content within their communities. As we all know, "content" can be anything nowadays: blog posts, how-to videos, patterns, templates, step-by-step guides, inspiring Instagram posts, podcasts, and much more. If you want to create authentic connections with these powerful and influential audiences, this guide will help you focus on the types that matter most to today's makers.